Shoe Size Guides

We have attached a general size guide conversion chart however sizing can differ between
brands and between styles in brands, by up to a whole size. If you have any queries in relation
to sizing you can contact us at (044) 9348298 or

Note: These are only intended as a guide as measurements can differ between manufacturers and styles from brand to brand.

How to measure children’s feet for online shopping?

Ideally you should get a trained fitting specialist in store to do this for you, however if you do
not have that option it is possible to measure feet at home. To do this you will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a measuring tape or ruler. Place the child’s foot on the piece of paper on the ground and trace the outline of the foot or mark out the length from longest to the back of the heel. As most people’s feet are slightly asymmetrical it is necessary to measure both feet and use the measurements from the largest foot to determine the size. Compare the measurements to the guide above to get the correct shoe size. If in between sizes it is best to select the larger size.

Sizing can differ among brands so if you have any queries or would like some advice on what to choose you can contact us at (044) 9348298 or and we will be
happy to help.